ANAK JUARA CILEGON ASYIKNYA PEMBINAAN LKP ADENISThe total of 50 RZ Cilegon’s foster children or commonly called “Anak Juara” to follow regular training activities in LKP Adenis jerang permai karangasem Cibeber, Cilegon. Sunday (07/08).

The mentoring activity started from 01:00 to 03:00 p.m were divided into three groups according to the level of school and each group is given a different material in accordance with the level of understanding possessed by children.

Badrul Qomar, RZ’s Coordinator for Karangasem Cibeber region said that such activity is compulsory for children who receive the scholarship. “The mentoring is mandatory participated by anak juara at least twice every month.” He said.

“The positive by the holding of regular mentoring besides getting scholarships for school fees also they receive religious knowledge.” Further Badrul.

Children participate the mentoring with enthusiasm because in addition to getting additional knowledge is also getting a lot of friends, as claimed by Ihsan Hamid, one of anak juara from karangasem Cibeber “I am grateful because i can join mentoring conducted by RZ, through mentoring activities I am always motivated and happy because in addition to getting new knowledge I also have many good friends. ” he said.


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