RZ Handycrfat AcehACEH BESAR. More than 40 orphans joined in Orphan Kafalah Program participated in hand craft training. This program was implemented in Alfaidzin Mosque, Lampeuneuruet, Friday (21/11).

4 mentors were voluntarily guided them to create an interesting and valuable work made from flannelette.

Before practicing, the tutors divided them into several groups in order to instill the values of competition among them.

“They need to have extraordinary circumstances to encourage their imaginative potential. They seem really enthusiastic during practicing and producing their own work. We’ve a plan to exhibit their work in Great Coach and Counseling program that will be implemented on Sunday (23/11). Hopefully, they will be more vivacious to create more works,” Ummi Thursina, a tutor, said.

Muharrahman, Project Coordinator of RZ Aceh, said that this training was implemented as children’s potential improvement program. Through it, he expects that they can have skill for supporting their future life.***

Aceh Besar

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