ANAK JUARA RUMAH ZAKAT TANGERANG PERINGATI ISRA MI’RAJTANGERANG. Rumah Zakat Tangerang commemorate Isra Mi’raj on Sunday, (30/04) located at Masjid Al Muhajirin Perum Mulya Asri Citra Raya. The event was attended by more than 250 people comprising of Anak Juara of Tangerang and student representatives from various schools in Tangerang Regency.

With the theme “Tips for Successfully Facing Joint Exam Al-Quran” students are expected to be more confident in attending the school exam. “With this activity it is expected that our students are better prepared and confident to face the school exam. By returning to the Qur’an, may the children have a good mentality and their mindset also changes better with the guidance of Al-Quran” Mahfudz said.

The event started at 08.00, beginning with the reading of Q.S Luqman then, followed by several competitions, such as archery competition and connect Luqman verse. After the race ends, proceed with a motivation session filled by Ust. Abdul Aziz.

Azzam one of the participants admitted very happy with the existence of this activityy. Similarly, Tasya, one of the participants of the contest race, “I am really happy to be able can join this paragraph race. I also like the same motivation, hopefully in the test tomorrow is more confident, thank you Rumah Zakat “he said.

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