ANAK JUARA TAMPIL MEMUKAU DI PENUTUPAN ISLAMIC BOOK FAIRSURABAYA. Angklung Anak Juara Rumah Zakat team was invited again by IKAPI (Indonesian Publisher Association) to perform at the closing of Islamic Book Fair (IBF) 2017 Surabaya. Fascinated by Angklung’s performance on the night before, IKAPI decided to invite the angklung team from P3A (Children Potential Development Center) Rumah Zakat Surabaya on Wednesday (05/03) at DBL Arena Surabaya.


The closing of the IBF event was attended by several attendance, such as officials, sponsors and all parties involved in organizing Islamic Book Fair 2017 Surabaya. This time team performed with 5 members. First performance, the team performed an Indian song called Kal Ho Naho and traditional cublek-cublek suweng. Their performances succeeded in making the audience mesmerized, especially when performing the second song, Perahu Layard and Gundul Pacul.


Anak Juara who perfoemed in the event is from one of the areas under Rumah Zakat assistance in District Sukomanunggal, Surabaya. Coming from several different schools is one obstacle to practice before the stage. However, it did not discourage them to stay compact and show their best.

“The performance of Anak Juara was really good, all in a compact,” said Ratna, one of the visitors. Their performance was closed by bringing Edan Turun song. With the P3A program (Children Potential Development Center), it is expected that Anak Juara’s potential can improved, full of spirit and confident to compete with other children outside their environment.

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