SURABAYA (20/01). Taman Remaja Surabaya held an annual event that elevates ethnic values ​​through “Kolintang and Angklung Ethnic Music Competition”. The event was followed by students from the Kindergarten (TK) level up to senior high school (SMA) in East Java.

In this competition for the fourth time Angklung Juara team under guidance of Rumah Zakat again participate as a participant in the race. The category of the competition is Angklung category. Angklung Juara Team consisting of 29 Rumah Zakat foster children (Anak Juara) from Sukomanunggal.

This year’s race feels different from the previous year. This is because anak juara featuring angklung performances combined with beautiful percussion. They performed the song that became Sountrack Cartoons Adit – Sopo Jarwo, Indahnya persahabatan. The song is sung by Firman.

They also brought the instrument of traditional songs of Madura, entitled Pajjerlagghu. Not only that the children also wear custom costumes from various ethnic of Indonesia. It fits very well with the theme of this race, the Irama Nusantara.

Exactly at 16:03 pm, the time of announcement arrived. The jury announced who won the race this time. The tension felt by the Angklung Juara Team, when the jury read out the results.

“The Second Winner, with a score of 1886 won by participant serial number 02, Angkung Juara,” said one of the jury of the race.

Suddenly the shouting of Hamdallah sentence rumbled from Angklung Juara Team. They are constantly singing anak Juara yells with joy in welcoming the victory.

“From the beginning we are already optimistic can enter the 3 top champions, and Alhamdulillah we got 2 winner.” Faruq said, as the coach of Angklung Juara.

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