JAKARTA. Delima Trash Bank in Pejaten Timur , Rumah Zakat’s empowered village visited by Chairman of the Assembly, DR.Hidayat Nurwahid (03/08).

In the event the discussion was established between Nurwahid and members of Delima Trash Bank, He also greatly appreciated the activities undertaken by Delima Trash Bank. “I appreciate the achievements achieved by Delima Trash Bank and the role of Rumah Zakat which helps the residents and the management of Trash Bank.”


Not only that, the opportunity is also used by cadres of Trash Bank to convey the aspirations associated with Trash Bank. “This trash bank is very important so it needs attention from the government of DKI to support the operational activities as well as for the salaries of Trash Bank managers, as well as finding solutions to waste into energy sources” Yati  said as the supervisor of Delima Trash Bank.

Nurwahid also said that he would convey the aspirations to the House of Representative, to be discussed further related to the aspirations of the community.

“Alhamdulilah, hopefully with the visit of Mr. Hidayat Nurwahid, Delima Garbage Bank, East Pejaten can be an example for other waste banks in DKI Jakarta” concluded Yati at the end of the activity.

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