PALEMBANG. Fasilitator of Rumah Zakat, Syaiful Anwar conducted an assessment to 5 prospective business members located in Bukit Baru Sub district. Ilir Barat 1, Palembang. Thursday (14/12). The departure of the facilitator to the location of the prospective member of the business aims to examine the data and member information in the program of Economic Assistance from Rumah Zakat in the form of Rolling Business Group.

In the program of Economic Assistance Rumah Zakat, members get business training as well as equipment to support their business. Business members who received visits from the Facilitator Rumah Zakat is Siti Aminah seller of sweet potato, Mr.Gunawan a tire repairs, Zuliana a vegetable traders, sellers of small food stalls and sellers kelempang bakar.

The amount of revolving business capital given to business members is Rp500,000 up to Rp1000,000. The capital is used for the purposes of equipment and raw materials business.

“The type of revolving business capital is applied to members so that members have a responsibility to restore the capital they have received. The capital is returned gradually and is not subject to additional charges. The capital that has been collected from one member is allocated to other members with the same designation, “explained Syaiful Anwar.

On the day (14/12), he held a training on making cake. A total of 50 person from Bukti Baru attended the training. Ustadzah Fatimah as a mentor in the training proposed to hold a sharia cooperative so that the availability of business capital can be maintained.


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