BANGSRI. (26/08) Today the Empowered village facilitator at Bangsri village involves the Livestock Service Office of Brebes Regency by conducting sheep entrepreneurship training for the “Barokah Bangsri” sheep group which is a guided group of Rumah Zakat as a follow-up to activities for Beneficiaries (PM).

Interestingly, from this training activity in addition to the beneficiaries who were present, there were also youth and wives from the beneficiaries who listened carefully to the material presented by the speaker.

“This entrepreneurial activity must support each other between business actors and their partners so that the targets of business success and desired benefits can be achieved so that they can support family income” said Empowered village facilitator, Nukhalim

The beneficiaries also feel happy because the knowledge presented by the speakers is quite interesting and motivating, they are enthusiastic and will truly mean to practice the results of this training.

“Thank you to Rumah Zakat. Hopefully, with these mentoring activities and programs, it can improve insight and increase our family income, “said one of the beneficiaries.


Yanta / Lailatul Istikhomah

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