TEGAL. Banjaranyar is a densely populated village located in the Balapulang District, Tegal regency. Approximately 8086 souls crowded the village consisting of five RWs.  Great population and the absence of public awareness of the importance of environmental hygiene, raises a new problem of waste in volume continues to grow without being controlled.

Looking at the existing reality, Rumah Zakat through the Empowered Village Facilitator of together with the community continues to optimize the role of trash banks in order to solve the garbage problem whose volume is difficult to be controlled.

“Currently we are continuing to socialize the trash bank program to the community. First, to introduce what is trash bank. Second, socialize Trash Bank program. And thirdly, invite people to sort out the garbage which has economic value to be saved in trash bank ” Miska Said, Empowered Village Facilitator while assisting the cadre of trash bank during the sorting process, Sunday morning (14/01).

From Miska’s efforts, now the public begin to save the garbage to the trash bank.

“Alhamdulillah people are keen to save the garbage at the trash bank, the trash bank cadres does not stay idly waiting for the people to save, but we also go directly to invite people who have not aware of this” added Miska

Newsroom / Dani Suhardi


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