banjirgarut-ibu-sri-salah-satu-pahlawan-kala-bencana-melandaGARUT. Ibu Sri, head of the Public Kitchen RZ on the location of flood disasters in Garut. Ibu Sri with RZ public Kitchen team is responsible for providing the 3000 rice packets every day for residents affected by floods in 3 RW. Alhamdulillah, Ibu Sri’s home is not affected by flash floods that hit Garut few days ago. However, her children and grandchildren’ house effected by the flood.

Ibu Sri is excited to help provide food for the refugees since the first day. “Allah still protects me and my family when the flood happened yesterday, so i want to help residents who become victims.” Said bu Sri.

In between busy preparing lunch, Ibu Sri told us about her granddaughter (4 years old) who were traumatized by the floods.

Ibu Sri’s grandson lives in Cimacan, one of the areas affected by the most severe floods due to overflowing of Cimanuk River, Garut. When the flood happened, her grandson disappeared since 11.00 pm and was found by SAR team at 04.00 a.m on the roof of a house.

Since the incident, his grandson could not sleep well. Every night he always awake and restless, the grandson feared that when she sleep will be swept away by the flood. Every time he wake up, Ibu Sri grandson always said if he does not want to sleep, and when the day was always told her grandmother that he would not sleep.

May bu Sri’s grandson can recover from his fear, and we could be a part of the real action to help Bu Sri and help others when disaster strikes.


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