Trash Bank in Bligo, Rumah Zakat empowered village formed based on the unrest of the garbage that has accumulated in the Mataram River. The habit of throwing garbage into the river is difficult to prevent. This causes the Mataram River which is located near the residential community almost overflowing.

“Seeing the condition of the almost overflowing Mataram River, we feel that this is a serious problem that must be immediately addressed. So, since May 2016, we started to form a Trash Bank and began to socialize to the residents about this Garbage Bank program, “said Wimbo, a facilitator of Rumah Zakat Empowered Village.

Although difficult, but now people are beginning to feel the benefits of Trash Bank in their area, even the customers of Trash Bank are not only made up of individuals but some institutions such as PAUD, waste products in Village Office, PKK Group, and printing office in Bligo Village area. That’s why they ever harvest up to 1 quintal of paper from those agencies.

“Alhamdulillah the benefits of Trash Bank can be felt by all circles. The environment here is cleaner, people are also increasingly aware of the importance of maintaining cleanliness and the health of the surrounding environment, “said Ambar, Head of Dusun Benteng.

The existence of the Trash Bank in Bligo, also supports the discourse of the formation of Tourism Village there. This is a long-term thinking of the Trash Bank management to build a Tourism Village to be free from waste problems.

“When we build a Tourism Village, then inevitably the garbage problem will also soon resolved. But with this Garbage Bank, then we are not confused again facing the problem of garbage in the Tourism Village later, “said Wimbo.

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