TEGAL. Bank Sampah Ujungrusi “BESTARI” in synergy with youth forum Ujungrusi do waste sorting and weighing of garbage collected by members of Bank Sampah. The sorting activity was conducted on Sunday (10/12) morning, on Seroja street, Ujungrusi Village, Tegal District.

Bank Sampah Ujungrusi “BESTARI” is the implementation of environmental care programs built by Rumah Zakat.Hasbi Iskandar as the Facilitator of Rumah Zakat in Ujungrusi Village.

The youth forum has finished renovating the volleyball field, they are helped the Bank Sampah administrators. The administrators of Bank Sampah is a combination of community and members of family walfare movemant.

“Alhamdulillah, member of Bank Sampah is increasing. The activities of segregation and cultivation today with the giving of passbooks to member Bank Sampah, “said Bu Ijah as treasurer of Bank Trash.

Letter of establishment Bank Sampah Ujungrusi “BESTARI” has been completed by the Facilitator of Rumah Zakat. In addition, the T-shirt design of the Bank Sampah ready to be submitted to the shirt manufacturing.

“All the preparations are ready for the running of Bank Sampah activities such as Letter of Establishment and shirt management I am process. Hopefully, this adds to the spirit of the management and members of Bank Sampah,” said Hasbi.

Hasbi added that the next job is to provide coaching and training on the financial management of Bank Sampah. If there is a good report, it will be easy to apply for more financing to the village government to support the operations, facilities and renovation of the building sorting the Bank Sampah.


Newsroom/ Dani Suhardi


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