WAMENA, Wednesday (10/16) – Riots in Wamena have paralyzed the economic activities of residents. Thousands of residents have fled, abandoned their businesses and property. Many residents no longer have business facilities.

Not only that, but riots also make it difficult for residents to get their daily needs. Some of the stalls or kiosks that have been opened are also quiet because residents do not have enough money. So, what is needed by residents in Wamena today is business assistance to restore the economy of the residents.

Rumah Zakat Action until today continues to focus on helping Wamena. Humanitarian teams sent to Wamena buy relief goods directly at Wamena markets. This is done, in addition to helping affected families as well as reviving the market and the economy of its citizens.

As on Wednesday (16/10), Rumah Zakat Action helps affected residents with business capital assistance and invites beneficiaries to buy their needs directly in the Wamena market. Some of them buy materials for business, in addition to meeting the daily needs of their families.

Friends, the rise of Wamena, safe and peaceful, living in harmony alongside their citizens, is our hope and prayer. Let’s match Wamena with our care.


Herlan Wilandariansyah / Hanaa Afifah

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