JOGJA. The Empowered Village Facilitator Rumah Zakat is visiting one of the Beneficiaries from OJK Employee Business Capital. This time, the Facilitator visited Pak Surip Kricak’s house. Pak Surip currently has a workshop business since 1984, but lack of equipment and insufficient knowledge, the workshop is practical can be called the Handy repair shop, because the workshop business runs for what it is.

“Thank goodness because there is a business assistance from Rumah Zakat, so I can add capital, and added knowledge to manage the finance,” said Surip.

From machine service, oil change, tire patch or new tire change can all and be served all by Surip. While everything is self-paced without the help of employees due to limited capital. Despite himself, Mr. Surip’s workshop is always crowded. “Alhamdulillah every day there is a customer who repairs their motor, never ever had a free day even in the middle of the village. Because by chance no one opens a garage in the village here beside me, “he said

Empowered Village Facilitator Rumah Zakat hopes that with this capital assistance, Mr. Surip’s workshop can be developed and grows rapidly and can even involve the local citizen to become employees in his workshop.

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