CIREBON. Senyum Juara is a cluster of Rumah Zakat program for community empowerment in the field of education. As the Village Facilitator Berdaya Rumah Zakat did in Berdaya Village Pabedilankulon, Kec. Pabedilan, Kab. Cirebon. The guidance which is part of the Senyum Juara Program carries out the Tahidzul Quran Coaching Program, English Private, and Hadroh Guidance.

To motivate all the fostered children in participating in the activities undertaken, the Facilitator also distributes scholarships for active children who are active in following the entire coaching agenda.

As did the facilitator on Saturday, (21/10). Before the coaching begins, the Facilitator announces the list of actively trained children that month and hands over the scholarships to 16 selected children.

“Thank God we thank Allah SWT, and we thank the Rumah Zakat who has done this program in our village,” said one of the parents who participated witnessed the submission of scholarships for his son.

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