BEGINI CARA SISWA SD JUARA CILEGON BELAJAR MENGENAL FLORA DAN FAUNACILEGON. In the lesson which takes place in 3rd grade of SD Juara Cilegon on Tuesday (08/23), children are absorbed in the course. In this lesson activity students learn about the conservation of rare plants and animals, especially animals and plants that exist in Indonesia. At an earlier meeting the homeroom already delivered and introduced to the students about animals and rare plants that exist in Indonesia.

In this lesson, teacher invited students to learn while playing guess the word. On the chalkboard, homeroom has written a collection of letters. Where in the collection of the letters contained a hidden word about the names of animals and plants.

Previously homeroom teacher provided questions in advance about all kinds of rare animals and plants, specifying the characteristics or regional origin of animals and plants are derived.

Students who can answer correctly, they come to the front to find the answer on the blackboard. Students are very happy to follow this lesson, they even asked the class teacher to learn while playing like this again. Homeroom felt happy, because the students are very enthusiastic to join the KBM.

“Thank God the children were very enthusiastic to follow this lesson. Hopefully, they can absorb and accept the material very well, “said Siti Herlina 3rd grade homeroom teacher of SD Juara Cilegon.

Newsroom/Siti Herlina

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