MEDAN. “Tor-tor dance is from Batak, Sister!” sid one of the children, Sunday (10/09). And then the hubbub was heard when the other children shouted the name of the dance and the origin of the area with perfunctory.
“Jaipong dance comes from Bali,” said a child who was greeted by shouts of “huuuuu” from other children, because the answer was wrong.

The lesson in the Floating Library that day was about the names of the traditional dances and the origin of the area. Prior to delivering the material, Sister Perapung (the term for Floating Library Volunteers) asked the children to name the dances they knew. But, the children answered the question inappropriately.

Finally, Sister Perapung also explained about the names of dances from every province in Indonesia. And the children listened enthusiastically.

Floating Library is one of the programs initiated by Volunteers of Rumah Zakat Medan. It located in Village Nelayan, Belawan District 1, Medan Belawan District, Medan City. This library has been equipped with laptops, infocus, printer, speakers and stationery to facilitate the process of teaching and learning. And every Sunday about 30 children are present to read books and learn new things with their Sisters.


Newsroom / Ria Arianti

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