LOMBOK. (20/09) In Pamenang Menggala Preparing Pamenang District North Lombok Regency, the call to Adzan is still heard even though the mosque is no longer visible. Menggala villagers still come to pray in emergency tents which functioned as temporary mosques. Every time they pray, they always take the time to go to this tent, so the temporary mosque never looks lonely. Likewise with Hj. Khusnul Hotimah, she always took the five daily prayers there.

For Husnul, worshiping in a mosque is one way to get closer to Him. He always asks God for help for all that happened to her. She believes that God is hearing the prayers.

Life after the earthquake felt very heavy for her. She must provide for her seven children without anyone helping her. Her husband passed away about seven years ago. Currently she has not dared to work anymore.

In addition to praying at the beginning of time, she often held other sunnah worship. “Insya Allah, I was never left behind to perform Duha prayers and midnight prayers every day,” he said

Not only that his lips are always moistened with dhikr to Allah. Honor praise him. She never stopped to sing prayers. Even she always scavenges her wudhunya.

The condition of this temporary mosque has never really been quiet. Besides Mrs. Husnul there is also Mr. Jamhari, one of the residents of Menggala village who always takes the call to prayer and becomes a prayer priest. After Ashar, he also teach Quran to children.

“Although in conditions of limited places of worship, I do not want to see children just playing around. In addition, hopefully the emergency mosque will soon be built, so that we can carry out worship solemnly, “he said.

Based on the plan, an Emergency Mosque will be built in this village after all temporary shelters for the refugees have been completed.


Eti / Lailatul Istikhomah


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