Coins always have two opposite sides, likewise wealth and poverty, each has its good and bad sides. Both also Allah made as a test for humans. With wealth, humans can do various righteous deeds that can deliver them to heaven. But, the fire of hell that ignites is ready and waiting when humans do not properly manage their wealth.

Likewise with poverty that can lead humans to heaven or hell, depending on their attitude to face poverty. Be patient with productive endeavors or mourn for fate without any endeavor for change. Islam strongly encourages its adherents to seek the sustenance that Allah has allocated for each of His creatures. In the Qur’an, Allah SWT said, “Then, when you finish praying, you scatter on earth, and seek the gift of Allah, and think aloud to Allah so that you are lucky.” (QS Aljumuah [62]: 10).

From the above verse, Allah clearly commands us to seek His fortune after fulfilling the obligation of prayer. From this verse, we can also know that seeking Allah’s gift is something important. Why is the command to seek His fortune placed after the prayer? This is because the fortune (wealth) occupies an important position in Islam as a means of supporting His worship.

How many verses of the Qur’an and hadith that explain the practices which require financial means? In fact, of all the verses of the Qur’an that instructs us to strive for wealth and soul, only one of these verses prioritizes the mention of jihad with our life in line.

The rest is the priority of jihad with wealth, as contained in the Al-Hujurat verse 15, “Indeed, those people who believe are only those who believe in Allah and His Messenger. Then, they do not hesitate and they strive with their wealth and life in the way of Allah. They are the righteous people.” There is hidden wisdom that Allah kept in the commandment, which is a spirit.

Spirit or enthusiasm for someone who does not have sufficient wealth but endeavors and reach His sustenance can fulfill these obligations. Being rich or owning wealth in this period is a must. Especially if with that wealth we are able to save the faith of our brothers who are tempted by food packages and money sheets. May we become servants of Allah who put wealth in the hands, not in the heart.


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