BANJARNEGARA. (04/09) The long drought experienced by the Banjarnegara district area has caused many villages to experience drought. The flow of water in the rivers decreases drastically. The main causes of the decrease in water debit in rivers and in community wells are due to reduced soil absorption in water due to the scarcity of trees. The gardens which were originally dense with many crops now have turned into housing and industrial places.


Karang Salam is one of the villages in the Susukan sub-district of Banjarnegara district, which every time there is a long dry season will experience drought. Since entering August, some rural areas consisting of 170 households have experienced a lack of clean water because the wells have dried up. The longer the dry season, the more people will experience drought.


In collaboration with the head of kadus 2 Sugadi and the village of Karang Salam, Rumah Zakat and distributed clean water to the drought affected areas. It was conducted on Tuesday (04/09) by using a tank fleet from BPBD Banjarnegara District and water from the Kaliwinasuh PDAM Banjarnegara. Water distribution starts at 12.00 and finished at 8:00 p.m.


“As many as 20,000 liters of water were distributed to 300 families affected by drought. The enthusiasm of the people who are waiting for the delivery of water is indeed extraordinary because when the drought of the region really can only rely on assistance,” said Rumah Zakat Facilitator, Sarwin.

The cadets are always accompanying when the water is distributed because to anticipate that the distribution of water can be evenly distributed. With 20,000 liters of water, residents can last up to one week ahead while waiting for assistance from BPBD and other parties.

“Thank you to Rumah Zakat and KIta for their care for our residents who are experiencing drought,” said Pak Gadi, head of Kadus 2. The same words were conveyed by residents who had their turn to take water.

“Thank you Rumah Zakat, with the participation of Rumah Zakat in the water sharing program, it is helping to ease the burden of PBD because more areas experienced drought,” added, Agus from BPBD Bnajarnegara who accompanied the clean water distribution.


Rico / Lailatul Istikhomah

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