Sumedang Regency (08/08). Rumah Zakat Action distributes clean water sharing program to residents of Dusun Ciduging, Tarunajaya Village, Darmaraja District, Sumedang.

The residents are very enthusiastic about welcoming the distribution of clean water like ants see sugar. For the last 2 months, the residents of Dusun Ciduging have experienced drought and a clean water crisis.

Events like this continue to reoccur every year before the dry season, due to the lack of water sources. So far, residents have to look for clean water into the valleys with a distance of 2-3 km on foot.

“Thank you Rumah Zakat, for assisting and providing clean water, if possible, please provide it every day and a lot,” said Mrs. Ijah, from the neighborhood Association.

The government of Tarunajaya Village was also very enthusiastic about welcoming the clean water assistance from Rumah Zakat Action and even the head district assisted in this distribution.

“Thank you Rumah Zakat for provided clean water assistance to our residents, especially residents of Ciduging Hamlet,” said Mr. Endang Secretary of Tarunajaya Village.

“The clean water crisis is indeed a problem for our village every year. We have been trying to access the Pamsimas and Artesis Well programs, but because of the lack of water sources, it was not possible for the program to run.” Mr. Endang ended.


Lailatul Istiqomah | Abdullah Tsabit

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