PACITAN. (25/10). Sharing the Water of Life for our brothers in need, sharing Water of Life from Rumah Zakat this time was carried out in drought-prone areas, namely in Godeg Wetan Hamlet, Jetak Village, Tulakan Subdistrict, Pacitan Regency, East Java because the area is one of the most drought-prone areas in the Pacitan Regency.

Water distribution for the drought area cooperates with BPBD in Pacitan Regency in its implementation was assisted by BPBD Volunteers by including 2 tank cars.

Beginning at 6:00 a.m., the distribution of water runs smoothly without significant obstacles until 11.00 WIB. The enthusiasm of the residents to welcome the arrival of clean water assistance was extraordinary by providing clean water containers / containers in the form of buckets, barrels, torn and other water containers.

“Citizens really need water, so they are glad we came,” said Rumah Zakat facilitator, Indar.

The 4 areas that get this water are Sentul Environment, Godeg Wetan Hamlet, Nggupit Environment, Godeg Wetan Hamlet, Godeg Wetan Hamlet and Godeg Kulon Hamlet.

A smile was expressed from the faces of the people who were present at the event because they were so excited about getting free clean water that they had to buy so far to get clean water to meet their needs. Not infrequently they have to travel quite far up to 5 km from home to get it, or have to be willing to queue for hours at public wells that have been used because the water source becomes very small.


Riko Ayatul Yuza / Lailatul Istikhomah

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