RZ LDKO CilegonBANDUNG. During the drought period from September to October 2014, RZ has successfully distributed 370.000 liters of clean water in West Sumbawa, Kulon Progo, Sumedang, Jombang, Gunung Kidul, Boyolali, Grobogan, Wonogiri, Pandeglang, Cikarang Pasuruan, Manado, Salatiga, and Kendal.

“Today, RZ keeps promoting kindness opportunity for anyone by giving the best donation through RZ,” Ria Arianti, RZ Marketing Department Head, said, (15/10).

In addition to the clean water distribution, RZ also distributed assistances to the victims of Israeli military aggression in Gaza, Palestine. In July, 2014, RZ has successfully distributed 1.911 packages of foodstuff in Jabaliya City.

Recently, RZ redistributed school kits for the Palestinian children. Based on survey result, there are 23.000 orphans of Israeli military aggression. Therefore, RZ, a Non Government Organization that focuses on the management of Zakat, Infaq, Shadaqa, and other humanitarian funds, invites you to make them smile through scholarship program assistance.

“It’s not the time to stand idle and just watch them through the media. Let’s share a happy smile through RZ to help our brothers and sisters both in Indonesia and Palestine,” she said.***

Newsroom/Diki Taufik


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