GUNUNG KIDUL. Every dry season like today, Suwarni (45 years old) has to take water for household use at a well shelter far enough from home.

The heat is quite hot in Serut village, Gedangsari District, Gunung Kidul did not dampen Suwarni step to transport water in jerry-can while holding her granddaughter’s hand.

“My Husband work as builder, work from morning until afternoon,” said Suwarni.

“I couldn’t ask my husband to take water, because he was tired of working all day,” she added.

Suwarni’s children are working, so for housekeeping matter Suwarni doing it alone.

“Sometimes my children also help for the housekeeping if they got a holiday. Everyday, besides do the housekeeping, I take care of my granddaughter because her mother and father should work “said Suwarni.

In addition to Suwarni, there are still 30 other household experiencing water shortage in Serut village. Therefore, Rumah Zakat distributes clean water aid for the villagers of Serut.

“Thank you Rumah Zakat has filled our wells. Every dry season, wells are always dry, “he said.

Newsroom / Ria Arianti
Gunung Kidul

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