RZ LDKO CilegonKEDIRI. (3/12). Fiki Khoirul Mala is the second of 5 siblings. She was a member of Anak Juara supervised by RZ Kediri. She lives in Kolonel Sugiono Street, RT 15/ RZ 06, Kemantren, Jabung.

She once dreamed that she wanted to take her college study aboard when she was in secondary school. At that time, she thought that she had to be more diligent and have perseverance because she realized that she comes from underprivileged family. She thought that when she could have many achievements thus she could easily take scholarship program.

She finally meets her dream when she graduated from high school. Several months ago, she tried to join in Al-Azhar University, Kairo, Egypt, new admissions test and she successfully passed the test.

She said that her success cannot be separated from RZ, donors, and mentor assistances. She claimed that she will never forget their supports and guidance. “Thanks to my parents, RZ, donors, mentor, and my friends who keep supporting me thus now I can grab my dream to study aboard. Hopefully, I can make you proud me and back here with a myriad of achievements,” she said.***

Newsroom/Yusuf Febri Setya Budi


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