JAKARTA (07/08). One factor that contributes to the development of a business other than capital is the availability of facilities needed by the business actor.

Rumah Zakat as an institution that is based on funding for the community, is well aware of this and always provides support to SMEs in its development process.

As has been done by Rumah Zakat in the Pejaya Timur Village, today is the provision of Refrigerators and Freezers to Siti Asyah and Sudiyati, UMKM Assisted by Rumah Zakat.

Asyah claimed that in running her business selling fried food, she really needed support in the form of a refrigerator to store fried foods.

“Mr. Harry, sometimes if there is no refrigerator, ingredients for fried foods are often rotten. Like vegetables and others “, said Asyah.

Sudiyati, the seller of Jelly Coconut Milk, also said that she really needed a Freezer for her ice business. “It’s hard if there is no freezer, sir, you have to go back and buy the ice cube,” she said.

Welcoming this matter, Rumah Zakat represented by Harry as the Facilitator in the economic empowerment of Pejaten Timur Empowered Village, provided assistance in the form of freezers and refrigerators to the two small and medium business actors.

Not only that, Harry also accompanied the two of them to buy the freezer and refrigerator in a market in the Pasar Minggu area of ​​South Jakarta.

The feelings of pleasure from Sudiyati and Asyah cannot be hide and  accompanied by hopes so thet they business advanced after receiving assistance from Rumah Zakat.

“Alhamdulillaah, thank you Rumah Zakat, who cares about us who have small businesses like this”. Said Sudiyati.

“I’m very grateful, sir, Hopefully my business can be even better in the future, and Rumah Zakat will be more blessed and advanced again “. Said Asyah.

Sutarno as chairman of RT 13 RW 07 in east Pejaten also expressed his gratitude to those who were willing to help his residents.

“Alhamdulillaah, thank you that someone cares and can help my people, thanks to Rumah Zakat, and hopefully it will be even more advanced,” Sutarno concluded.


Nurul Ulfa / Lailatul Istikhomah

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