RZ LDKO CilegonBATANG. Saturday (21/2), RZ and Inspiration Volunteer implemented social empowering program in an ICD area. The target ICD was Dungringin Residence, Cepokokuning Village, Batang District. In this program, Adhi Haryanto, Inspiration Volunteer, organized brownies-making training for local housewives.

The first step of the program was the deliverance of the brownies-making theoretical and the trials of brownies-making.

Haryanto said that the trial was implemented to ensure the capability of the participants. Dewi, a participant, said “I used to think that it was hard. Actually it isn’t hard as I thought, it’s easy and fun. I hope that I can be a brownies maker and seller next”.

Hayanto also claimed that the training was implemented to encourage housewives to run a business. “This training is implemented to encourage RZ’s member business potential. On the other hand, it aims to motivate them to become an entrepreneur.” he said. ***

Newsroom/Rico Ayatul Yuza

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