WONOMERTO. Rabu, (12/06) Wednesday, (06/12) Gembol Lestari 2 Cooperative in Berdaya Village Sepuh Gembol Village, Wonomerto, East Java is a savings and loan cooperative without usury initiated by Desa Berdaya Rumah Zakat Facilitator.


The members of the cooperative are widow women who have business. They are the backbone for their family. Rumah Zakat provides business capital to help various sales of cooperative members, namely seller of vegetables, shops and stalls.


In addition to getting business capital, they are also actively saving and borrowing at the Savings and Loans of Gembol Lestari Cooperative, with cooperative system without usury. Loan deposits are usually conducted once a week when regular meetings are held on a 10-week repayment basis based on a collective agreement.


The members are very helpful and grateful for the savings and loan cooperatives in their village.


“Thank you Rumah Zakat has helped my business, and the existence of this Cooperative is very helpful if there is an unexpected need for Children’s edication, the installment is light and without interest” Sumik (41 years) said, one member of the cooperative.


In the last meeting before the holiday, the members listened tausiyah delivered by Fuad Saifullah, Empowered Village Facilitator with the theme “Keeping consistency of Worship After Ramdhan and Reminding 6 Days Sunnah Fasting in Shawwal.

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