PALEMBANG. Sunday (23/07), Celebrating National Children’s Day, Rumah Zakat together with  Cita Sehat held various activities with children Care For Teens from Ar Rahman School Palembang. The activity was held at the school yard starting at 09.00 WIB.

“The National Children’s Day in this Special Care For Teens Meeting is filled with a variety of educational games. Starting from the spider ball, relay, dragon snake and many more games that educate children to know the character of yourself and others, “said Yogik, PIC activities.

The game was performed by 30 Care For Teens children who were divided into 4 groups with 1 each mentor. In addition to the game, the counselors also delivered materials about National Children’s Day. After the satisfied play, they gather to discuss lessons that can be taken from every game. At 11.30 AM, the activity is finished and closed by eating together.

“Alhamdulillah my group won many races, besides can also learn from every game, learn to know the character of self and others, learn compactness also,” said Rahmad Hidayat, a student of Ar Rahman.

PIC activities, Yogi also revealed that he hopes by learning while playing outdoors as this activity can add to the spirit as well as the understanding of Care For Teens children. Not just about personal health, but also socializing with friends.

Newsroom / Nurul

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