PONOROGO. Wednesday (7/19), volunteers of Rumah Zakat held a refresher activity of Bina Keluarga Balita (BKB) Member Sri Rejeki. The activity took place in a relaxed atmosphere and colored by laughter of the participants who were attended by 35 mothers, 3 fathers, and 41 infants.


The event opened with remarks from the Chairman of the PKK Movement Team and the Village Head. The purpose of holding these activities is to provide motivation for parents to be able to provide stimulation for the growth of their children.


Amah Hida, volunteer Rumah Zakat in Berdaya Village Morosari Sukorejo Ponorogo, served as speaker, accompanied also by Yeni Rahmawati, PLKB from UPT KB District Sukorejo. In her material, she said that children have different characteristics. “Children are not us in miniature, they have unique traits, evolve to age, and cannot be forced to follow our style of adults They have a powerful learning power Our task is to provide stimulation and provide a supportive atmosphere to grow ” she said.


Amah Hida then gives an example of how to provide stimulation of growth and development of toddlers. Using guide books and KKA (Child Development Card), parents of toddlers are then given the opportunity to ask questions and perform simple simulations.


In particular, Amah Hida also gave appreciation to the fathers who were present. “Do not let our generation be a generation without a father, the children have father but as if they got no.Thank you to the dads who are delighted to be present today. If you three can inspire other fathers to strengthen the role of father in childcare, do not make the role of father only functioned as a money search engine, or ATM, if there is money dear, if no money is discarded, “said Amah Hida who invite laughter of mothers,


Amah Hida concludes her presentation by motivating fathers to emulate Ibrahim, Yaqub, Imran, and Luqman. They are profiles of successful fathers already listed in the Qur’an. At the end of the meeting, PLKB Sukorejo Sub-district, Yeni Rahmawati, also gave a message to the parents to actively participate in BKB Sri Rejeki, “Thank you to Rumah Zakat, as well as volunteers of Berdaya Village program. Government programs in the context of building a prosperous family, ” Yeni said.

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