SEMARANG. As a philanthropic institution that also focuses on orphans and dhuafa, Rumah Zakat collaborates with Assalam Mosque takmir to provide gift for 10 orphans and poor people in Wonolopo sub-district of Mijen, Semarang City on (08/10). The activity began with a Sunday morning recitation which is a routine activity in the Assalam Mosque.

Holding an orphanage donation event in every month of Syuro or Muharram is a habit of the surrounding community. The funds are usually derived from majelis taklim, companies, government and this time Rumah Zakat present to provide gift for orphans and dhuafa.

Aisyah (5th) is one of the orphans invited to the event. She is the youngest of three siblings, her two older siblings suffering from mental disorders and physical disabilities so they could not go to school like other children. After his father passed away, she lives with her mother now. While Bayu (9th) lives with his father since his mother left the house due to family problems. After school he went to sell his meal with his father.

“Alhamdulillah we can share with orphans and dhuafa through Rumah Zakat program, they are our children that we must pay attention” said Pak Wasum, takmir mosque during delivery of gift. The event was closed joy by eating breakfast together.


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