SEMARANG. (12/01) Suwarni, better known as Ninu, is one of Rumah Zakat Semarang assisted member   in Jomblang Empowered Village.Her persistence helps her husband earn a living worthy of appreciation, besides that she is also active posyandu cadres in the neighborhood where she lives at RT 01/11 Ijen Jomblang.

In addition to focus on the main business of Tailor, the mother of one child had ever sold pindang (Steamed fish) at the market to help her husband, Mr. Subchan who is just a laborer at printing with a mediocre income. But since the accident that made him have to rest for 8 months finally Nunik decided focusing just in the sewing business only.

Despite her husband’s efforts and income is still lacking to meet needs, but he is still grateful for as long as he can worship smoothly. Through the Family Empowerment package, Suwarni is invited to shop for daily necessities such as food and goods other needs.

“Thank you Rumah Zakat, this is very helpful to my family and hopefully Rumah Zakat increasingly useful for the wider community” She said at the end encounter with the Empowered village facilitator.

Newsroom / Lailatul Istikhomah


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