PEKANBARU. Sumarti (58th) is a resident of Pekanbaru who lives in Jalan Pahlawan Kerja. Since her husband died, she is the backbone of her family who has to support 7 children and 4 of them have mental retardation.


Daily, Sumarti works as a household assistant in two different places. Every effort has been made by Sumarti, one of them by working hard, however, her income is not enough to meet the needs of the household and the treatment of his mentally retarded child.


He and his seven children live in a cottage built in one of her neighbor’s garden. To supplement her income, she tries to grow sweet potatoes around her house for resale and partly for her own consumption with her children.


When she was told to be one of the recipients of Eid Gift from Rumah Zakat and Majelis Taklim Telkomsel, Sumarti was very happy. On Monday, (06/12) Rumah Zakat volunteer distributed Eid Gift, with teary eyes, Sumarti and her children received Eid Gift with great emotion.


“Thank you Rumah Zakat and donators, only God can repay all goodness,” Sumiarti said moved and happy.

Newsroom/Nurul Rahayu


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