BINGKISAN LEBARAN UNTUK PAK YANTO Mr. Yanto (66) is a widower who had a year left by his wife died due to liver disease. He lives with a son, daughter and four little grandchildren in the region of Jatingaleh, Semarang.

Pak Yanto and families live in house made from clapboard wall and the floor is still plaster. The lighting is minimal and sanitation is still using public toilets. To meet the daily needs, he works as a guard portal of the village from 11 pm until dawn, with an income of 400,000 rupiahs / month.

Because Mr Yanto is getting older, he begins to sick Meanwhile Mr. Yanto’s daughter is just a cillok seller while her husband is Mie Kopyok seller.

Mr. Yanto and his family just one of the many portraits of small communities who is waiting for expression of affection

That evening after breaking the fast and Magrib prayer, at his modest residence the simple, he was visited by a team of RZ.

RZ team delivered an expression of love from donators in the Eid Gift for the Needy (BLK), hopefully this parcel is able to -warm Ramadan atmosphere and make preparations to welcome the victory.

“Thanks RZ who has been paying attention to us. The assistance is very helpful to ease my family burden in Ramadan. Hopefully RZ and donators are always in the protection of Allah, “he said briefly with teary eyes.



Newsroom/Yesi Mariska

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