SUKABUMI. (16/08) Bojong Village is one of Empowered villages accompanied by Rumah Zakat Facilitator. One of the Agenda that has been implemented is Gurame Fish Farming, through the Empowered Breeders program.

In the village, there were 5 beneficiaries who received assistance in the form of Gurame Fish Breeding Ponds for groups and costs for food and training.

This assistance was given to members of the Leuwi Urug youth study group with the aim that young men who had been built could start trying to train and build businesses early on for future provision.

“Although the program is running in stages, it is expected that in the future this program will be a large and useful program, especially for the groups of assisted groups in the empowered village.” Said the Facilitator of Rumah Zakat, Miftahul Ulum.

He also revealed that with the assistance provided, now the Leuwi Urug youth study group had a decent pool to carry out the program being pioneered.

“Hopefully  Rumah Zakat continues to advance and be blessed and continue to be useful,” added Miftah.



Iwan TS / Lailatul Istikhomah

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