Two-month-old babies will often cry, especially in the afternoon and evening. The duration is a minimum of five hours per day. As they get older, the cries of the baby will subside.

“Age of 3-5 months is when the baby starts to not whine,” said Dr. Dito Anurogo MSc, a lecturer at FKIK Unismuh Makassar.

Sometimes, according to Dito, the reason why babies cry does not always unfold. When crying, the expression on his face could be as if in pain, even though it’s actually normal.

Then, how does one ease the crying baby? Dito recommends a variety of ways to love babies.

“For example, by giving breast milk, feeding with porridge, changing diapers, pat her back gently to burp, making sure the temperature of the room is comfortable for the baby, making sure the baby’s body temperature is normal or checking the clothes she wears as not be too loose and not too tight,” explained Dito.

On the other hand, Dito cautioned, the risk of shaken baby syndrome which often occurs when children are under five years old. The shaken baby syndrome occurs due to a hard pounding experienced by the baby’s head.

The typical clinical characteristics of patients with the shaken baby syndrome can be seen from the swelling of the head, there is a soft area on the head and the forehead or head looks enlarged. Infants who experience it also appear drooping head unable to be lifted because of decreased muscle strength.

When affected by the shaken baby syndrome, your baby’s eyes cannot focus, pupil size is different, and cannot follow movements. The baby’s behavior turns fussy, tends to like drowsiness, like anger, become sensitive, and easily rages.

Being cheerful and smiles suddenly disappear and do not want to mumble. Body posture becomes stiff as if pretending. Reflex swallowing and sucking fade, refuse when fed, no longer appetite, sometimes vomit without any cause.

“At an advanced stage, patients with the shaken baby syndrome can experience seizures, weakened heartbeat, difficulty breathing. In certain cases that are very fatal, babies can be found in a lifeless condition,” said Dito who is also a 2019 national literacy instructor.


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