teh-hijau Green Tea has been widely used in the Far East for centuries because of its potential health-giving benefits.

Now it’s being used here in a host of new beauty products because of its antioxidants properties which help to protect the skin from harmful free radicals.

It’s these skin-ageing, free radical molecules that damage healthy cells by depleting them of oxygen and breaking down the levels of collagen – which is essential in keeping skin supple and young-looking.

Because it contains high levels of oligomeric proanthocyanidins – OPCs – some of the most powerful antioxidants, Green Tea is thought to help slow down the premature ageing process if taken internally.

Whether the benefits are the same when you apply Green Tea products externally is yet to be proven but many in the beauty industry believe it does.

Dermatologists agree the best way to protect your skin is to wear a good SPF all year round. Susan Curtis, Marketing Director for Neal’s Yard Remedies recommends supplementing this with an antioxidant-rich face cream or treatment.
She says: ‘Until there have been conclusive trials to prove that topical antioxidants have no beneficial effects, I would confidently advocate using them.

Naturopath and biochemist, Dr Jurgen Klein who founded plant-based range, Jurlique – one of the very first cosmetic companies to harness the therapeutic effects of Green Tea – is equally impressed by the skin-protecting qualities of OPC antioxidants.


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