CENDOL PAK MURI, IKON KULINER DI SELOKARTO SELOKARTO.Visit Selokarto creative village, in Pecalungan sub-district which is exactly in the middle of Batang district. Eye soothing natural scenery, hilly and beautiful, green expanse of paddy fields.

The interesting thing from a creative village Selokarto is creativity, there are a lot of unique hand made products and culinary. There are onde-onde ketawa (definitely not ordinary onde-onde), there are pak saping (opak rasa emping), samiek abang ijo opak khas lebaran, genthe (processed cassava dregs deft hand with a distinctive taste).

As for Mr. Muri is one of the leaders in the culinary Selokarto, with his icon ” Cendol Pak Muri “. His Cendol does not like cendol in general, it is unique with distinctive taste of brown sugar, pandan fragrant, rice flour. It is legit but not chewy and smashed in the mouth. It is very delicious.

If you come to Selokarto, it is uncomplete if you don’t tried “Cendol Pak Muri” and struggle with a fairly challenging route will be paid.

“I have been selling cendol for 10 years and alhamdulillah the customers always come back to buy again and many who had come to Selokarto cendol just to buy my cendol” Says Mr. Muri.

“Originally used to just love to make cendol for myself but many suggested me to sell it, someone said my cendol is delicious” he recalled

” Alhamdulillah, now I can settled to sell my cendol in front of BRI, I am very grateful to RZ Inspiring volunteers who have helped me to open a sales branch in other location” Said he with cheerfully and sincerely

“The problem is the cendol only lasted one day, so it is impossible to take away home for a long time, because my cendol is pure without preservatives. Hopefully if there is support of both science and equipment from RZ, my cendol might get better in taste and endurance” Continued Mr. Muri


Newsroom/Wanda Yulianto

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