SOLO. Champion Car (Moju) Rumah Zakat with Care For Teen Solo held Balanced Nutrition Education at TPQ Nurul Huda, Bakaran Village, Sukosari Karanganyar on Thursday, January 11, 2018.

A total of 50 TPQ Nurul Huda students along with parents attended the event. Is Anto, Public Health Cita Sehat in charge of delivering education with the theme “10 Balanced Nutrition Message”.

“10 messages balanced nutrition is one of the materials that must be known to the public, especially parents. Because it is still much wrong in providing nutrition to children and in the post-golden age, “said Anto.

Based on research that Anto did to the santri, there are still many parents who let their children skip breakfast. Therefore, Anto shared with the team Moju feeding places to the students as a challenge for parents to make breakfast with balanced nutrition menu every day.

Punto, PIC Moju added that this challenge will be monitored continuously by Team Juara Car because Bakaran Village is one of their target areas.

“Because this area is our target, we will monitor the future so that people or parents can benefit from breakfast with a healthy diet,” added Punto.

In addition to getting Balanced Nutrition education, the santri also perform the examination of Body Mass Index or BMI.

“IMT this we do with the hope that in the future there are no children who have less nutrition by reason of lack of control or checking that is not routine,” said Anto.

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