PEKANBARU. Syayyidah, that’s how her friends greet her. She is currently on 8th grade of Andalusia in SMP Juara Pekanbaru on Wednesday (04/10). She has completed the memorization in juz 29 and will go to juz 28.

“Among the friends in her tahfidz group, she is including consistent student to increase the memorization, not only that memorize also quite solid and fluently” said Fitri, her musyrifah/teacher.

Syayyidah motivated to memorize the qur’an after seeing the Hafidz Indonesia show whereas lots of children who have hafidz some Juz. Beside her nephew who is still 1st grade at elementary school has finished 30 juz while he was just starting to memorize juz 30. She challenged to be able to beat her little nephew.

Usually Syayyidah takes advantage of the morning tahfidz hour to increase his memorization, and deposits the verse he has memorized, then the next day she deposits her new memorization after a new letter has been completed. She deposits her memorization back from the beginning of the letter and so on. If the verse is light in a day he can memorize 20 verses, if the memorized verse feels heavy he only finish 1 to 3 verses a day. That is the secret of Syayyidah for her memorization to be solid and smooth.

Not only good in memorizing qur’an, her academic achievement is also good and always ranked in the top 3 in the class.

“I want to be hafidzah qur’an in order to be able to put on crown and glorious cloak for both my parents,” Syayyidah said.



Newsroom / Yuliza Fitri

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