BANDUNG. RZCITA SEHAT FOUNDATION GELAR PELATIHAN PENDAMPING KADER POSYANDU BANDUNG RZ branch Bandung in cooperation with IHC cadre supervisor (PKP) Bandung held PKP capacity building “Prevent Stunting with optimization of Maternal and Child Nutrition” on Tuesday (03/29) in RZ hall, at Jl. Turangga No. 33 Bandung.

The activity was attended by Manager of RZ Bandung, Iman Handiman “nutritional problem becomes a problem that needs attention from various sectors, we are grateful for the help from donators that could be distributed to various health programs including nutrition programs,” he said.

On the same occasion RZ in cooperation with PKP will distribute 1000 cans of SuperQurban corned beef for children with poor nutrition and malnutrition, and the spread of nutrition education media in 1940 IHC for 80,000 toddlers.

Stunting or the public more familiar with the term midget or a dwarf is a problem of chronic malnutrition caused by lack of nutrition in a long time due to the provision of food that does not comply with the nutrition need. Stunting occurs from the fetus still in the womb and only visible when the child is two years old.

Adimiharja K S.Kep., Nurses, Alumni of Nursing faculty of Unpad become the speaker who is a Public Health Officer of Cita Sehat Foundation said that “Indonesia is in 5th ranked world for the number of children with stunting condition , cognitive abilities of stunting children will reduce, resulting in long-term economic loss for Indonesia, “K. Adimiharja said
Stunting can be prevented by fulfilling the nutritional needs of pregnant women. Pregnant women should get enough food nutrition, nutrients supplement (iron tablets or Fe), and monitored her health. Exclusive breastfeeding until 6 months and after 6 months of the child is given complementary foods (MPASI) in adequate quantity and quality. Monitor the growth of infants in IHC is a very strategic effort for early detection of growth disturbance. Improving access to clean water and sanitation facilities as well as keeping the environment clean.

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