KEDIRI. Community synergy with Rumah Zakat volunteers Kediri do social action for flood victims Pacitan by cleaning the garbage and mud. The action took place on Wednesday (06/12) morning in Suruhan Village, Sirnoboyo, Pacitan District.

Pacitan floods that began to recede leaving mud and garbage. The condition of the yard and the houses of many mud and garbage requires a lot of energy to clean it up, so with the concern of the community and online ojek driver to carry out clean-up action. The joint action of Rumah Zakat with 10 ojek online driver and 2 members of nature lovers community to move to clean. The joint team numbered 12 people, departing from the office Rumah Zakat Kediri using 2 units of cars since Tuesday (05/12).

“The community friends of the online ojek drivers and nature lovers community are very enthusiastic to contribute to help our brothers in Pacitan, Insha Allah some other communities such as Back Packer Kediri and Trenggalek residents will also join us,” said Elwien, Branch Manager Rumah Zakat Kediri.

Meanwhile, another location is the Refugee Post of Duren Village, Pacitan District health team Rumah Zakat Tower Bersama Group held free treatment action because of the flood that hit affected people. ┬áMany people affected by several diseases, such as itching, abdominal pain and others, “Rumah Zakat cooperates with Tower Bersama Group to hold a Healthy Bangun action in the form of free health and medical services for affected people in Pacitan area,” added Elwien.



Newsroom/ Yadi Mulyadi


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