DAPOER DHUAFA COMMUNITY FUN DAY BERSAMA SISWA SD JUARA BATAMBATAM. In order to welcome Ramadhan 1438 H, Dapoer Dhuafa Community performed Fun Day with the theme “Sharing is Beautiful and Never Losing”. The event was held on Saturday (05/20) located at Water Park Taman Duta Mas Batam Center with 1st grade students of SD Juara Batam.


The activities are supported and cooperated with LDK Forum, Super Water Kangen Water, P4WB (Pelopor Pergerakan Pewarta Wajah Bangsa), Perince Catering, Bakso Pak Pres, Akoeng Jun Es Puter and some Donatur Dapoer Dhuafa Community Partners,


Dapoer Dhuafa Community Fun Day presents at SD Juara Batam by performing some games with Pres, owner Es Pisang Ijo Maligai. In addition, children were invited to eat together offerings from some culinary entrepreneurs who deliberately cook and eat with the orphans Dhuafa of Rumah Zakat.


The students look enthusiastic and could not wait to enjoy the rides at Water Park until late afternoon. “Pak Shofar, don’t go back home too soon, and let’s come here again tomorrow sir” said Alea Mustia Agita one elementary school students on the sidelines of enjoying Fun Day held by Dapoer Dhuafa.


“Dapoer Dhuafa Community is a community of culinary entrepreneurs who set aside some their income to share and create activities together, hopefully this kind of activity can be carried out every month, as a place to share for others especially for Dhuafa” said Yoyok as Chairman of Dapoer Dhuafa Community and Owner Super Water of Batam


“A community that should be appreciated by its presence, a community that provides benefits for others, as a form of thankfulness in every sustenance and the gift of God that is gained Thank you friends of Dapoer Dhuafa Community who has taken part and also colored the presence of SD Juara Batam in the midst of Batam society ” Shofar Fitrotul Al Amin said as principal of SD Juara Batam.

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