TRIMURTI. Tuesday, (26/09) Nurgiyantra, Empowered Village Facilitator of Rumah Zakat provides a stimulus fund of Rp500,000 to the Zebra Bread-making Group in Bendo Trimurti Srandakan, Bantul. Prior to being given funding stimuli, the group was briefed on economic empowerment and the design of the use of stimulant funds.

Participants of the training are members of WUB (New Entrepreneurial), a business group whose members are housewives who have been training in sewing and making snacks. The facilitator selects this group as the target of economic empowerment because some members have attended the training, however, the potential of group members has not been well developed due to lack of funds.

After Zebra Bread Making Training with 24 participants, Rina Widyastanti, Training Instructor, divided the trainee into 4 groups. These groups will alternately be given stimulant funds every month.

“Hope everyone can make a snack product that is worth selling and able to increase income for their¬†family, as well as a housewife,” said Nurgiyanta.

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