YOGYAKARTA. One use of natural dyes is the Ecoprint technique. Ecoprint technique is a coloring technique using natural dyes derived from leaves, stems, roots and fruits. With the go green trend Rumah Zakat through Indra Suryanto, as Facilitator of empowered village in Karangkajen together with Mrs. Meta Nuci, trainer of Ecoprint training held Ecoprint training at workshop of Ecoprint Seyegan, Yogyakarta.

Eco. J stands for Ecoprint Jogja is the name used as a brand of products to be exhibited. In the preparation of materials for the exhibition, the team had a few days earlier been looking for the foliage to be used as a natural dye in the Ecoprint process.

Eco. J exhibited his work at Jogja Expo Center (JAP) pad (12/10 to (16/10) in the 22nd Indonesian Export Products Fair by the Indonesian Ministry of Industry E. J. as one of Rumah Zakat craftsmen group participated in The exhibitors come from various regions in DIY and from outside DIY.

Almost all booths are dominated by typical batik area of each other in the form of furniture, work, craft, etc. “As far as our observations from the many stands there are only 2 booths that display ecoprint products, one of which is Eco.J built bu Rumah Zakat. This becomes our own opportunities and challenges. The market opportunity is still open widely. There are not many players in ecoprint but also at the same time demanding us to be more vigorous about education on ecoprint. “Said Indra Suryanto, Facilitator of Rumah Zakat.

This exhibition provides many experiences and lessons for the ECO.J team, especially regarding designing, good layout also about making interesting brochures and leaflets.

“Masya Alloh there’s a lot of knowledge that we can absorb during the exhibition 5 days ahead. This exhibition at once can be a direct learning medium in the real world how good marketing. “Said one team Eco.J.

Eco.J members also expect a sewing workshop, so that these valuable ecoprint cloth sheets can be poured in the form of products, mainly muslin and interior clothing.

“Please pray to all, so that Eco.J will able to grow up and to be independent.” ended Indra.


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