CIREBON. Now the residents of Kasepuhan empowered village have been very aware about the importance of maintaining the health of children. Every month, mothers with toddlers never miss bringing their children to Posyandu.

Routinely the children are weighed, immunized, examined, and given supplementary food to address various health problems that often arise in children. According to the Kasepuhan Village Facilitator, Lisa, this change is not an easy journey. Due to low level education and likely narrow insight of the resident make them having less concerned with the importance of PHBS (Pola Hidup Bersih Sehat).

So is the awareness to bring the children and their babies to get immunization every month. “Changing the citizen mindset is one of the hardest things. Many of them are still unconcerned about their health and environment. As a result, this Kasepuhan region get bad predicate and rating from the Village, Puskesmas, and also District. But, when approached Posyandu cadres here and see the spirit of them, I believe that change is possible,” said Lisa.

The large number of beneficiaries in Posyandu Balita, Nining Widaningsih, Head of Posyandu Kasepuhan divides the immunization center every month. In Posyandu Bougenvil I is 65 people and Posyandu Bougenvil II is 70 people.

“This make the residents served well on healthy aspect. Because raising awareness for Posyandu is rather difficult. Previously, most of them only half, “said Nining.


Newsroom / Dian Ekawati

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