KUNINGAN. Some people assume that waste is a waste goods that are not worth wearing and must be disposed of, but actually, the garbage can be sorted. Sorting waste into organic waste, inorganic and dangerous toxic waste.

Now in Cipondok village, this already sorted waste can make money by depositing it in Bank Sampah Mandiri Desa Berdaya Cipondok. This garbage bank is built Rumah Zakat initiated by Mayasyaroh, Empowered Village Facilitator who empowered the assisted people in Hamlet I, precisely in Kampung Sidaharja.

The system that runs in this Bank Sampah is saving the garbage, take the money. Trash worth selling from the public is brought to the Bank Sampah for weighing, then recorded by the officer for the garbage brought, the system is taken once a year at the beginning of the month of Ramadhan, or when the need for urgent business. Can also be redeemed with basic necessities for junk waste in weighing.

“The garbage saving collection system is once every three months, but most customers take it once a year at the beginning of Ramadhan month, for additional buying needs during Ramadhan.” Mayasyaroh, Empowered Village Facilitator of Rumah Zakat in Cipondok Village said.

With this garbage bank, the environment in the village area becomes more awake other than that residents can also reap a profit from goods that are usually considered waste and useless.

“Alhamdulillah, livestock sales now reach Rp.750.000 month is the biggest achievement, usually between 250,000-600.000 an, this month many new members of Bank Sampah. I hope as the manager of the Bank Sampah and as citizens, hopefully, Kampung Sidaharja will be free from garbage, “said Kurnia (47 th) daily manager of Bank Sampah.

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