DIARY EKSPEDISI BHAKTI PMK 2016 RELAWAN RZ PART #1 BIMA. A few days ago RZ has sent four volunteers to follow Bhakti PMK expedition or the previously called Bhakti Kesra Nusantara Expedition. It is the sixth times that RZ is entrusted by the Ministry of Human Development and Culture (PMK) to participate in Bhakti PMK expedition.

Bhakti PMK expedition is an activity to visit the outer islands, underdeveloped and remote area (3T) with the intention of raising awareness of various stakeholders on community empowerment and livelihoods of 3T to improve love on cultural nation.

Adapun rute pelayaran ekspedisi Bhakti PMK 2016 yang akan dilaksanakan dari tanggal 29 April 2016 sampai dengan 27 Mei 2016 menggunakan KRI Banda Aceh 593 ialah Jakarta – Pulau Bajo Pulo (NTB) – Pulau Wetar – Pulau Matakus (Maluku) – Kaimana (Papua Barat) – Jakarta.
As for the route of Bhakti PMK expedition 2016 which will be held from April 29 2016 until May 27, 2016 by using KRI Banda Aceh 593 is Jakarta – Bajo Pulo Island (NTB) – Wetar Island – Matakus Island (Maluku) – Kaimana (West Papua) – Jakarta.

And now 4 RZ Volunteers are participating in Bhakti PMK Expedition, and now they are in Bajo Pulo, Bima, and West Nusa Tenggara. Here we describe a series of activities that have been undertaken by RZ volunteers during Bhakti PMK Expedition:

Sunday (05/01),
– member completion assembly
Inaugural assembly began in Helli Deck KRI Banda Aceh 539. The assembly is carried out to assess the completeness of Bhakti PMK expedition 2016 members and all members of the Indonesian Navy. Morning assembly aims to check whether all members and the Navy still safe in the KRI Banda Aceh 539 or not. It is feared that there is an accident which resulted someone fall into the sea so that with morning assembly can be detected the wholeness of all occupant who are above KRI Banda Aceh.
– Yasinan
To add the blessing of this expedition. Commander of TNI AL KRI Banda Aceh invite and urge all navy crews and members of Bhakti PMK 2016 for yasinan (read surah Yasin together) and tahlilan and pray together so that all the activities from the start to the end blessed by Allah the Almighty and all the people who are in KRI Banda Aceh given salvation. Navy crews and members of Bhakti PMK 2016 obeyed and welcomed this activity happily. This is evidenced by the presence of Navy crews and members of Bhakti PMK 2016. This event went smoothly with solemn.

– Introduction night
After completing the yasinan, commander of KRI Banda Aceh 539 treated all citizens to eat Tumpeng. Commander Edi symbolically cut tumpeng as a marked to start the dinner. During the dinner all the passenger introduced themselves and their agency. And when the representative of RZ introduce themselves everyone in the room welcome them warmly it is because for 6 consecutive years RZ always participates in the expedition. And they appreciates RZ for innovative programs that brought by RZ like SuperQurban corned meat.

Monday (05/02),
– Singing KRI Banda Aceh Mars, all the Navy and Bhakti PMK participants start the morning assembly. In the morning assembly this time, all Bhakti PMK participants were introduced to Mars KRI Banda Aceh 539. The introduction is directly led by the commander of KRI Banda Aceh 539, Edi H.

“There are mars lyric that are very excited. Members of the Navy sang the mars loudy and energetic. And Bhakti PMK participants attentively memorize the entire lyric and tone. No need much time all participants could easily memorize mars of KRI Banda Aceh 539 “said Fajri Sabti, RZ Volunteer.
Semoga para relawan yang turun senantiasa diberikan kesehatan dan kemudahan dalam menjalankan amanahnya. Kegiatan Ekspedisi Bhakti PMK 2016 ini insya Allah akan kembali dipaparkan.

And at night, all participants worked together to pack the goods to be unloaded in Pulo Bajo, Bima, West Nusa Tenggara to get into the lifeboat vessel KRI Banda Aceh 539-1 and 539-2.

Hopefully the volunteers who descend always given the health and ease in carrying out their mandates, Bhakti PMK 2016 Expedition activities, in sha Allah, will be reported in the next article.

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