ACEH. Sikoran Village is one of the most ending villages in Aceh Province in Danau Paris Sub-district, Aceh Singkil District. It is adjacent to Manduamas Subdistrict of Tapanuli Tengah Regency of North Sumatra Province. “Villagers of Sikoran indeed middle-level economy down. In general, the livelihood of the people of Sikoran Village is farming and gardening, the condition of the village is surrounded by oil palm plantations, therefore as far as the eye can see we will often see palm trees. However, the number of oil companies and their high production has not provided prosperity for the people, “said Irhas Kamal, Chairman of Superqurban Expedition Team.

The humanitarian team of Rumah Zakat conducted a Supequrban expedition in Sikoran, Biskang and Napagaluh villages on 5-8 April. To arrive at the site, the team had to travel overland 650 kilometers for 14 hours from Banda Aceh City.

“The terrain road trip is not easy, passing through some mountains and hills, the foggy mountain road conditions at night, the lack of street lighting, winding, sometimes through a hollow road,” said Irhas

The humanitarian team of Rumah Zakat brought donations of Corned and Rendang Superqurban and basic food for the residents. The residents are very enthusiastic to welcome Rumah Zakat team. They are happy to get food aid, especially Superqurban. One of them is Nurfaidah (34 years old) and her husband as rice farmers to meet their daily needs.

Mother with 6 children can only get 40.000 / day from her work as a farmer, this is also far from enough because many family members, not only that the house where Nurfaidah live does not use electricity, she still cook use firewood, by so she was very happy when he received the Superqurban and also the food for his family.

“Living in remote areas is not easy, difficult transportation access, and also a mediocre income, Alhamdulilah with the presence of food and Superqurban can help to meet everyday need and I am very happy, Thank you Rumah Zakat”. Said Mrs. Nurfaidah (34 th), one of Sikoran Village residents.

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