LOMBOK. The earthquake that shook Lombok still has not stopped. Until now, aftershocks still make local residents affected by the earthquake worried. This unrest has forced thousands of residents to evacuate.

The number of refugees is quite large and spread, making Rumah Zakat and DKM AHM to respond to this condition by helping to alleviate the food needs of the earthquake affected people.

Nusantara Food Alert, is one of the Rumah Zakat programs to meet the food needs of the the nation which is packaged in the form of corned beef and rendang packaging. In addition to its practical packaging, the Food Alert Package also meets nutritional value that is good for consumption.

Together with DKM Astra Honda Motor, Rumah Zakat succeeded in distributing 1260 cans of Nusantara Food Alert to several points in the location of the Lombok earthquake on Sunday (23/09). The points are in the district of Gangga.

Sunaryo (47) expressed his happiness and gratitude to DKM Astra Honda Motor and Rumah Zakat for the assistance provided.

“Thank you for coming here to help for us. Thanks to donators, DKM Astra Honda Motor and Rumah Zakat. Insya Allah, this is very useful for us,” Sunaryo said on the sidelines of the distribution of the Food Alert Package that was supported by DKM Astra Honda Motor.

Arif / Lailatul Istikhomah


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